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Alone a drop. Together, an ocean.
Environment Online
is a voluntary network run by the ENO Schoolnet Association in Joensuu, Finland. Our members are schools, public organisations and enterprises

The ENO Schoolnet Association was established in 2009. It is registered in accordance with the Finnish Law and its registration number is 200.202 .
Mr Mika Vanhanen is the founder of ENO.

Environment Online is accredited by the United Nations.
World Sustainable Development Forum
WSDF is a global initiative to promote and mobilize global action for effective implementation of both the Paris agreement on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN General Assembly.

WSDF is incorporated separately in continental Europe, the Nordic region and the U.S. Its North American arm WSDF-NA, headquartered in Washington, DC.
Treebuddy is the ultimate global tree planting and care service. is a way to join the reforestation movement. For both individuals and businesses. You can do good regardless of your world-view. Buying and giving Treebuddies as gifts is easy and affordable. Local tree planting communities will gain benefits from both long-term reforestation and financial support for planting and caring for the trees.

Protect Our Planet (POP)
is an initiative designed to address the urgent need to share information and knowledge with youth on solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN, mitigate climate change and adapt to its growing impacts. Intended to ultimately reach the size, scale, and momentum to become a global movement, POP mobilizes the youth worldwide to take collective action needed to mitigate climate change and protect threatened ecosystems.
Nature Education Society of Taiwan
(NEST) Society envisions a healthy and sustainable environment, to improve the environment socially and culturally also.

Based in Taichung, Taiwan, NEST has taken initiatives to uplink cultural relations between India and Taiwan and further Sustainable Development Goals.

Taiwan-Kerala Association
(TAIKE) promote strong cultural bonds between India and Taiwan.

It works towards sharing beautiful cultural and environmental heritage both countries have with age old culture and tradition.

is a visionary mobile app that allows anyone with access to a smartphone to give ratings on the environment around them simply using our three main senses: LOOK, HEAR and BREATHE...

Developed by Pekka Harju-Autti, advisor to the Ministry of Environment, Finland, Envirate was selected as the winner of the University of Turku Pentti Malaska Futures Award 2017.

"Envirate – a visionary, boundary-crossing, research-based innovation with strong scientific foundation, while utilising the latest information and communications technology. Global market opportunity potential for building a sustainable planetary future."

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